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Making the internet accessible for everyone

Specialized websites & apps with all the flair you need


SEO optimized websites, designed and developed to drive‐in traffic and reach. Semantic HTML to better structure the data.

& Projects

Simple apps that using them makes life a little easier. No ads, no mumbo jumbo; use if it meets your need.
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  • My Guitar Academy

    A Django based E‐Learning platform for My Guitar Academy™ to conduct online classes. Custom user authentication, content upload (video lessons, etc.). A full revamp over the old website.

    Django HTML5 CSS3 Javascript
  • Clinic EyeFem

    Website for an Ophthal & Gynae Clinic in Delhi. To better reach out and make appointments online.

    Wordpress Elementor
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  • COVID-19 Tracker

    A Cross‐platform mobile progressive web app to track coronavirus cases and state details for India and the US.

    PWA Ionic Angular

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Hey! 👋 I'm Noel, a New Delhi‐based website & app developer. Helping you build your dream. Currently I'm open and actively looking for work.

You dream big, and it's essential to have strong building blocks to make it to the top.

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